Callout for Survey on Creating a Benchmark Report for Talent Professionals to use when building a Best-in-Class Referral Program in 2020

Drafted, an ingenious platform that helps organizations to tap into the full potential of their company network to source, qualify, and hire the right candidates are collecting data points from different companies around their employee referral program - a couple of questions focus on diversity. They are trying to debunk the myth that employee referrals have a negative impact on diversityThe overall goal of this survey is to create a benchmark report for talent professionals to use when building a best-in-class referral program. This is the report they built last time. They conducted this same survey back in 2017 to create a benchmark for talent professionals to use when evaluating or building their employee referral program - you can see the results here. they also built a website featuring companies that didn't mind sharing their referral program information -

They are curious about learning this time around is how many hires companies make from both internal and external referrals, what kind of rewards they offer, their 2020 hiring plan and how diverse their workforce is currently. And, hoping to tie this all back into some meaningful insights as to the impact referral programs have on diversity along with establishing best practices and benchmarks for great referral programs.

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