Happy International Women's Decade!

Women of today are not confused regarding their role in society. Neither they are shy to question any broad issue of abuse and discrimination across all facets of society: In families, workplaces, communities, within and outside the system underpinning global economies, the legal systems, politics, etc. women are not just visible but impactful carving a niche for themselves. The patriarchal pyramid structure is breaking and falling flat on its face. I know and believe that we no longer need to push the narrative that Women need help because Women are truly capable of leading from the front on their own with their strength, grit, and determination..... something we will see a whole lot more in this new decade. Let us be a pragmatic observer of their successes, their ascent to equality, and instead pledge to respect women and celebrate the feminine power! Today’s cultural shifts are based on the premise of doing and action, not on talking alone and let us all be participants and not mere spectators in the new decade to see real equity across the globe and celebrating the spirit of women who have the courage to choose their passion over societal norms and, reclaiming the power which truly belongs to them.

How is Diverse Customer contributing? We aren't only cheerleaders for equality as is evident from our blog and social media channels. This blog is also about creating awareness and thus changing narratives around true inclusion. We are glad that we work with strong women who are leading such narratives one story at a time. We are proud to be their loudspeaker in addition to working with global organizations to create environments where differences are valued and integrated into every part of organizations and where each individual's unique contribution is encouraged.

-Amit Anand