How do you tackle Corona Bias? Plus, #ImNotAVirus

Here is a little message to share the Corona Bias animation by PDT Global. Please feel free to use and share with, colleagues, friends or on social media – we all need a little help at this time.

Link is here:: 

At these difficult and unprecedented times, we all must avoid being trapped in negativity. We must be conscious of xenophobia and the racism perpetuating from the crisis that has been thrust upon us due to the pandemic. It is human to fear, but to fuel racism and hostility in the name of fear is very wrong. Race-baiting is getting intentional now so Instead of speaking out of ignorance and hate, we must let our moral compass guide us to the principles of inclusion and let that mindset alone define and influence how we support and defend each other. It is ok to do social distancing because, at the moment, there is a much higher risk of infection.  It is not about racism. It is about protecting ourselves against the infection risk.  However, calling names and singling out a race is unacceptable. 

I have a grouse against the Chinese Government and its state-sponsored media but no way I blame the Chinese citizens for the spread of the virus. We must reflect and take full responsibility for how we articulate our opinions without hurting the sentiments of anyone.

Stay safe. Stay united. Be Socially distant, not discriminating.

-Amit Anand