I'm Staying Home, Saving Lives. Are you?

Namaste 🙏

As we all navigate these challenging times, we must try and do everything that is possible for us to do to keep our loved ones and each other safe. It is definitely difficult to watch our world and way of life change so much in the last month, particularly March 2020 has hit us hardest. Here I am sending everyone love and hoping this shall too pass and we will all come out victorious and much stronger. I want to thank my readers, subscribers, and clients who do drop in at times to read my blog or just to keep a watchful eye on what I am up to. Thank you. I am wishing that you all are staying safe at home. As social isolation becomes the new status quo, I am praying that we will all get through this together but at least 6 feet apart for the time being. I wrote earlier in my Instagram that staying home is our superpower. It is a superpower that we can all exercise to its fullest potential, which is really the need of the hour. Here, wishing all of us can be superheroes and save lives! 

-Amit Anand