Diverse Customer: Join the Conversation: The Best D&I Training Programs via Virtual Workshops in the time of Coronavirus

We have yet another topical question that seems to crop up in many D&I conversations on global Diversity forums. As Remote Working becomes the new work norm around the world, it is becoming increasingly imperative for D&I professionals to continue the Learning & Development momentum in keeping the employees engaged ensuring the momentum doesn't stop. The halt is natural given the situation thrust upon us due to the pandemic because Inclusion is becoming challenging with work-life itself becoming highly fragmented. 

However, with the right technological innovation, virtual live sessions, online learning systems, and remote collaborative workshops are helping companies in ensuring Diversity is handed down comfortably albeit with technology glitches here and there. Digital facilitation is evolving and is definitely a work in progress.

There can be a number of activities planned to deliver D&I Training Programs via virtual workshops but the ones most successful and engaging have to be focused around inclusion and belonging as prolonged isolation can be a huge challenge to keep employees motivated. Secondly, training around promoting allyship and bonhomie during these testing times amongst many segregated groups within organizations can positively impact on the perception of the employer brand. As you can see above, our editor Amit Anand has been suggesting D&I practitioners on this topic. So, please feel free to join the conversation and contribute to it if you have something to say. 

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