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We develop, manage, implement, and monitor content & communications strategies and associated plans for our clients, actively contributing to developing both customer and employer brand and positive perceptions of our client's diversity, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability efforts globally in support of their programmatic and advocacy goals. 

Our diversity content approach is out-and-out out-of-the-box thinking, yet decisions are always backed up by data as we strongly believe in the power of content and story-telling in establishing a brand online, and are endlessly curious about how our clients can connect with their digitally savvy customers in a more meaningful way. We ensure that Diversity content is created and represented in the most effective way, and for placing user needs at the center of everything we do and produce attractive and persuasive content for all digital channels working across multiple markets and diverse customer segments collaboratively.

What do we deliver under Diversity Content: 

Develop the strategic approach to digital content production including brand and e-commerce positioning. In addition, experience in hands-on delivering webpages and other content initiatives that generate interest and convert Diversity leads. To achieve this outcome, we work closely with a network of subject matter experts ( from programmers, designers to marketers apt in tools and technologies like Adobe Creative Suite, experience with Marketo (or other market automation systems), and exposure to website design tools, SEO, etc.). We undertake investigatory research turning diversity content into creative and engaging collateral promotional pieces, working with internal and external suppliers to budgets and deadlines to ensure the top page rankings under headers like diversity, inclusion, equality, sustainability, CSR, social impact generating large numbers of inbound leads and high levels of engagement with diverse customers and talent.

In this blog we provide engaging diversity-focused content to our followers. This also helps our clients to strengthen their brand and generate new diverse customers. Our subscribers are now over 42K worldwide and are growing steadily. Please read through our blog articles and posts and as a reader, you will get a clue about how we are using the power of authentic storytelling to deliver the best diversity content. 

Working as an external consultant allows us a lot of outside perspectives and an authentic tone to see a client's diversity footprint that is not impacted by internal organizational limitations and procedures. However authentic reporting also means we take care to report issues and challenges our clients face that are politically salient in order to help advance programmatic and advocacy goals they have set out to deliver in their diversity agendas. We help in bringing visibility and integration to achieve sustained impact at scale while strengthening and protecting our client's reputation.

As such we are also very vocal about bringing to the forefront the lack of authentic diversity by some organizations and some of the pitfalls a lack of diversity agenda has on their bottom line. 


  • B2B and B2C diversity-driven marketing. 
  • Large scale campaigns, marketing technology, and marketing optimization experience.
  • Develop a market mapping that helps visualize our client's ideal diverse customer profile and addressable market.
  • Create a playbook, including core content and digital assets, that will allow our clients to go to market within the purview of their Inclusion & Diversity agenda.
  • Ability to drive an excellent diverse customer acquisition strategy. 
  • Collaborate with critical business functions that require creative diversity communication thrust like Recruiting & Marketing functions regarding content; including but not limited to flyers, brochures, web page design, advertisements, infographics, logos, emails, and other communications to ensure the messaging is inclusive.
  • Ensure Video Editing & Media Management Post-production editing to create short-form shareable content in forms of video, GIFs, stop motion for social media and web-based platforms, and executing social media strategy through competitive and audience research platform determination, benchmarking, messaging and diverse audience identification.
  • Ability to develop and maintain a multi-channel diversity content plan based on qualitative and quantitative analyses (content audits, gap analysis, target, and competitor analysis) to identify strategic content needs and critical gaps across diverse customer journeys.
  • Communicate the diversity strategy not just externally but also internally with stakeholders of all levels and educate the company on the importance of diversity content. - We may undertake special sessions with our Diversity Consortium on training for Unconscious Bias and Allyship for instance under this service. It largely depends on the need for such training and education for better coordination across business functions and executives who are responsible for running diversity campaigns along with us or teams designated from the client side.
  • Taking a lead on managing media relationships, direct media monitoring, organizing and staffing media events, crisis management, building and protecting the client brand, and collaborating with communications, advocacy, and program leads in various program areas across the business groups to ensure close coordination. i.e. Reputation Management.
  • Lead on strategies and approaches for community management and engaging with social media and traditional media influencers in support of campaigns and other diversity advocacy and programmatic initiatives. i.e. Influencer Engagement.
  • Conduct content audits, content strategy, and recommendation documentation.
  • Drive campaigns that highlight the success of our client's Diversity programs and positioning them as diverse customer-focused brands. Develop sponsored social content, in collaboration with our client teams, to micro-target audiences in key customer segments and industries. 
  • Build out a localized and inclusive communications strategy across our client's key growth markets.
Please write to us at diversecustomer@gmail.com and we would be happy to send you a copy of our Diversity Content samples, diversity marketing campaigns we have undertaken for some of our clients. 
About the editor, Amit Anand, and his diversity content management experience:

Amit works at the intersection of creative storytelling, integrated marketing & brand communications, helping expand the diversity narrative, so as to influence awareness, engagement & impact on the marketing funnel of his client's brand both from a perspective of attracting diverse talent and attracting diverse customers and helping the client expand into new markets and diverse segments. Amit is an external consultant guiding inclusive organizations to institutionalize content publishing as a core engine of their diversity communications & marketing strategy, through integrated digital, content, social strategies that tie in together.

He is an experienced blogger & storyteller at heart with a keen sense of what makes compelling stories within the purview of inclusion and diversity. As a storytelling and Diversity Content Director, he delivers his client's diversity vision to create a better-informed audience - both diverse talent and customers through meaningful storytelling that embraces transparency, authenticity, and diversity of perspectives.  He guides the client's campaign teams to sharpen their storytelling skill set, ensure alignment with content strategy, and enable tangible results.