Covid-19 Job Seeker Support Channel - New Series Launch - Episode 1

Our editor Amit Anand is starting a new IGTV/YouTube channel for professionals who are traversing through tough times because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Given the situation, we are receiving resumes from job seekers who were either in the middle of their next job search or in the middle of an interview process or even were supposedly getting offered – which now, unfortunately, is all on hold. We are getting asked questions like how to get a job in this pandemic given the world is now looking at a solid recession in its face. A lot of our blog readers and contacts on our social media channels are also insecure about their jobs, as many employers are seeing a closure or improving their bottom line. Some have had salary cuts, many are working from home and have to adjust to the new reality. We are here to offer our readers support, career advice, and resources. 

Today he is discussing his Number 1 Tip – Get a Grip on YourselfNo one really ever talks about the state of mental and physical health you need to be in - in order to carry out the necessary tasks to ensure you are not blindsided into depression and anxiety. It’s very easy to get into a downward spiral now because as much as you want to separate your work life from your personal life, the two are intertwined. I suggest taking this time to reset your priorities. If you are lucky enough to be employed, maintain a work-life balance, and focus on your mental and physical wellbeing as much as your work. It is not ok to assume that you might lose your job. It is ok to be apprehensive of the situation but assume you must not. Amit suggests using a coping mechanism like revisiting an old hobby or even developing a new one. Creativity is a great anxiety-buster. You can use self-affirmation and positive reinforcement techniques to quieten your disruptive mind. Also. For more on this subject, connect with Amit and he can offer free help, resources, and elaborate.

New Covid-19 Job Support Resources have been added to our page.