Covid-19 Job Seeker Support Channel - New Series Launch - Episode 2

Hello Viewers. A quick recap of episode 1. Our editor Amit Anand talked about living through the crises and how the industry might be different post-coronavirus for job seekers and employees. He is doing this series to help and guide job seekers traverse through this pandemic. In episode 1, he talked about getting a grip and keeping a positive frame of mind and keep this understanding handy that we are not alone in our struggles. While the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, it will always be greener where you water it. We need to be resilient and continue to be self-reliant and self-develop and also self-accept that our feelings of anxiety or depression are normal human responses to a severe crisis. 

Amit deliberated that this pandemic is a good time to start working on yourself, investing in yourself and getting yourself in order so that when the opportunity arises, you will be ready to go and execute at a higher level. You also need to understand that in this climate, your ability to find the next job opportunity will take longer than you think.

He spoke about referrals and professional networking in episode 1 as a means of getting your next job reminding you as a Job Seeker, the job search should be your full-time job. Take job search that you are already doing, spend a little more time in your day continuing to job search, and multiply the results dramatically. 

Why did he start the series with Get a Grip on Yourself advice? Because the energy behind your thoughts and actions can be felt. When you feel desperate, it shows. Instead, recall your strengths and accomplishments in all interactions you undertake for your job search. Be it asking to be referred to even building your professional brand. 

The best way to build your professional brand is to first develop a mouthpiece like a CV or a profile on LinkedIn and other similar professional networking sites. Your presentation be it a note or a CV should be engaging that takes the reader through your professional story accurately. Never start a conversation, a note, or an email with I am seeking and I am available or I am looking. It shows desperation. Instead as per industry experts use the equation:

Keywords for Target Role | Your Target Industry or Area of Expertise | Your Unique Value

Example : Diversity Recruiter. Retail and Luxury. Led over 2400 Diversity projects to success.

What is this showing:
One: Convey value to your reader
Two: Invite them to read more
Three: Appear in relevant searches.

Use the power of keywords. The most relevant information should be in the most visible location. So, in this episode, he is talking about upgrading your resume. Remember to check the links below and up that lead you to our covid19 job support page with regards to free resume upgrading resources::

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Best Resume Templates and Tips for Free:

Best Resume / LinkedIn Profile Reviews for Free: 

Best Resources to add the Major-Minor Details:


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