IDAHOBIT2020 :: Unity is Beautiful and #LGBTQPOETRY by Amit Anand

This year has been challenging for all of humanity. The one thing we must learn from this crisis is that we are all in this together.

Yes, the emphasis is on "together" so let's not keep just one day in a year to stand against discrimination and not to also give up on hope that every day we can all continue the momentum and a positive and inclusive mindset to keep fighting till everyone has the same rights and acceptance in life, no matter who they love, how they look or identify.

                    Unity is Beautiful.

We see around us how brilliantly nature celebrates diversity. Our editor Amit Anand describes nature's feat in assimilation of differences in one Beautiful whole in his poem: 

Unity is Beautiful,

That Golden sun
and, Yellow lights run
on the Purple silent dawn
appears to abscond
on the Greenly lawn
The paints meet each other often
to create, idyll view, a full,
Unity is beautiful!

The Chrome Adonis
with a Creamy pious mist,
on bright White acanthus
for that Rustic twist.
Rainbow, of a lilting tune
from hot may till rainy June
when drops fall
making a peaceful shady glen
reaching artists' hearts, there and then.

The sunsets brilliant Orange hue
brings in the full moon
to form a Silver incandescent Blue
Celebrating a gallant pull,
where all colors embrace,
Unity is beautiful!

-by Amit Anand