Vogue sets a New Stereotype Shattering "Dench-Mark" and the Influx of Quarantine Cover Shoots, Lockdown Issues and Magazines in the time of Pandemic

Almost two years back I had written a blog about how the widely circulated and most famous international magazines that are the sounding boards of the majority, the radio towers of the popular sentiment are introducing a diverse range of covers from celebrating ethnicities, self-expression, different abilities, ideologies, body positivity to the entire gamut of intersectionalities one can think of! Using the print to welcome inclusion in all aspects of our social fabric.

Old beauty ideals are already obsolete. We are not seeing models with the same empty gaze and size zero anymore. Beautiful people are not uniform and can tell a story. They take part in life embodying so many things: elegance, style, experience, self-confidence, independence, sympathetic appearance, trustworthiness, power, inspiration, and courage. We are getting to know their stories as they become mainstream.

That momentum is now visible in full force. Fast forward 2020 during and post-coronavirus world of normalcy (maybe wishful thinking) . And it's certainly not a passing trend or cashing in on Pandemic blues. Indeed what the entire world is talking about, is Coronavirus. It's heartening to see that the magazines' are not working on the surface level and certainly not remaining ignorant of the challenges the world is facing in their cover campaigns. From covers of health workers to diverse people in masks and even top models and celebrities doing their own hair, makeup, and styling, working behind and in the front of the lens with dominant themes like #DoItYourself ...#AloneTogether...It is definitely not somewhat of a forced affiliation with cause to remain relevant in the pandemic but adjusting and adapting brilliantly in the current circumstances. 

Magazines are increasingly humanizing than glamorizing.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary covers and when these positives happen, you appreciate them more. And the positives are what the magazines are delivering month by month and what they say and the words they use, from a position of power, matter - even more so now as the COVID-19 continues to spread its negative tentacles.  

I am hoping this crisis makes magazines learn new ways to communicate fashion, lifestyle, politics, environment, and certainly a more empathetic form of responsible journalism.

The COVID-19 is becoming a catalyst for a redefinition of what society values.

With love,
Amit Anand


The June 2020 British Vogue cover features Dame Judi Dench, actress, artist, and author, age 85, who made her professional debut in 1 957. She has had a long and multifaceted career as an Oscar-winning actress, author, and even a rap artist at one point! 

Publisher Conde Nast says the average Vogue reader is 39 for print and 44 for online, there's a chance that this issue will enable readers to feel more represented age-wise. In turn, this could encourage the magazine to feature older stars in the future. The cover page is clearly another stereotype shattering acknowledging another bias we have, yet not often discussed or addressed - AGE. With life expectancy increasing the world over, organizations need to address age bias and put in the mechanism for upskilling and reskilling the aging workforce. Clearly, these will be the trends this new decade that has started in the most challenging way for all of us.

As Judi Dench summed it up - "If a great deal of kindness comes out of this, then that will be a plus" 

Congratulations on your cover British Vogue. Choosing the great lady Judi Dench as the protagonist is a sign to vindicate all the women who unfortunately fall into oblivion when they reach maturity. The actress was photographed prior to the Coronavirus pandemic by Nick Knight, wearing Dolce & Gabbana. 


The more we see successful women and older women featured in the media the better. Hopefully, there will come a time where this is just the norm giving voice to how ageism impacts women in the workplace. We still live in a society where ageism exists. Good to see Vogue challenging the stereotype and celebrating this talented high achiever who just happens to be 85 years old. Having said that, let's not forget that it's her tenacity, talent, and uniqueness that made her who she is. She didn't just wait for good things to happen, she went out there and made them happen. 

Also, I personally feel that the buzz should be about her achievements than her age. It is the main issue with biases. Fighting them is noble, but from a behavioral standpoint, it also reinforces them. This cover is great. The fact we're all buzzing about it is not so great. Because it reinforces the perception that it is an exception. 

Next is Vogue's stunningly elegant NOT a random blank square. 


Vogue Italia's tribute to the corona crisis: a Special Edition (April 2020), featuring a totally white cover, for the first time in a hundred-year tradition of Vogue history, a tribute to those lost to the coronavirus pandemic. The Italian Vogue printed a plain white cover for the first time in its  Simple. Clean. Elegant. Vogue Italia Magazine Blanks Out Cover To Signify 'Rebirth' Amid Pandemic Unrest. 

"To speak of anything else - while people are dying, doctors and nurses are risking their lives and the world is changing forever - is not the DNA of Vogue Italia." -Emanuele Farneti 

The editor-in-chief Emanuele Farneti released a statement on Instagram, explaining they had chosen the color white as it signified respect, rebirth, and silence The white cover, the first of its kind in history, was designed by creative director Ferdinando Verderi, and in a statement, Emanuele refers to white as the color commonly worn as a symbol of purity and hope following The Great Depression of the 1930s. Vogue Italia's choice of a blank cover uses the color white as a symbol of a brighter future. White is the color of the uniforms worn by medical workers on the front 
lines putting their lives at risk to save others, and a blank space for future creative endeavors. "Above all: white is not surrender, but a blank sheet waiting to be written, the title page of a new story that is about to begin." 

"In 1929, the virtuous color was adopted in fashion, and as we face the uncertainty of tomorrow, we can seek virtue in the topics we know best. The circulation of fashion is now more relevant than ever before, and the dress has historically proven to be one of the most powerful representations of all. The color of today's heroes who risk their lives to save others, the color white illustrates the rebirth, a relevant metaphor that is both spiritually and emotionally relevant. It depicts purity, peace, and clarity and our April issue's blank cover represents the vortex of time and space in which we can fill with new ideas, thoughts, and talents. Above all, we hope this special issue instills a sense of faith that light comes after darkness." 

-Vogue Italia, Quote: Emanuele Farneti 


Vogue - CondΓ© Nast

The May '2020 issue cover of Italian Vogue pogue I'Huomo featuring Paula Rowan's 'Montserrat Rivet ' gloves.


Vogue - CondΓ© Nast

Model Nikki Tissen, gracing the VOGUE NL cover. 

Vogue - CondΓ© Nast

Iman looking fabulous on the cover of Vogue Arabia!

Vogue - CondΓ© Nast

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Robert Pattinson photographs himself for the June/July cover of GQ. Robert Pattinson's "Dispatch from Self-Isolation" story and self-portraits in GQ: