Covid-19 Job Seeker Support Channel - New Series Launch - Episode 3 and Happy Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈

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It's already June and half the year already gone! How do we make the most of the rest of the year? By focusing only on Good News!

Update: Dear Readers, Diversity Caffe could not be opened in Bangkok due to the prevailing circumstances. The idea has not been dropped and I also have the funding to go ahead with my project but the timing is not right for a grand opening!

Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈 is here! Yaaayyy! So at Diverse Customer, we are celebrating the Pride month with writing and sharing stories about all the good things that are happening within the sphere of LGBTQ+ inclusion in the world. I believe we all need ONLY good news to hear and feel good about this year. Don’t we all now? I am glad that the lockdowns are being eased around the world and I will be able to continue to work on my dream project in Bangkok with the opening of the Diversity caffe later in the year. I am blessed that these last few months of pause have led me to add even more substance to my Diversity Caffe. Fingers crossed – if all goes well with Coronavirus.

Update: This book has been shelved. Instead my book, I Was Once Ghosted that also has an LGBTQ+ protagonist is slated to become a web series on a global OTT platform. Its in production. Read Part 1 of the book here for free::

I think you'd like this story: "I was once ghosted" by authoramitanand on Wattpad 

This is also episode 3. In the first 2 episodes, Access
Episode 1
Episode 2 here, I discussed the job market and how it has taken a big hit during the coronavirus pandemic. I am talking about ways you as a job seeker can have access to opportunities and options. I also talked about looking inwards and challenge the judgmental and self-limiting stories that supposedly keep us safe and small. I cannot also emphasize more that your resume or profile must be keyword-optimized and must be made in a way that it shows solving employer pain points. Take cues from the job description on the challenges that employers might have to have a role open to which you are applying and pitch your relevant skills and perhaps also demonstrate through measurable impact you achieved solving similar problems in your previous work.

Remote work is here to stay at least for this year. So updating your resume with remote working keywords is a good step. However, in the long-term, remote working may not offer an efficient model of working so companies most likely to opt for a hybrid part-home part-office work modality. Teams across industries will need to collaborate in very different ways: remotely, online, offline, asynchronous, synchronous.

Also is how effectively you maneuver through the virtual world because now this skill will put you in a competitive advantage over those who struggle to operate comfortably in an online work environment.

There are many naysayers who say remote work will not survive. As a diversity and inclusion proponent, I believe remote working / working from home will become even more desirable post-pandemic as prolonged lockdown has led many professionals to feel safer and more productive in home environments, In the same way, that having kids or pets run in on meetings - it's just humanizing. Feels psychologically safe too when you work in inclusive environments hence more productivity. Anyhow this is a separate topic I will perhaps I will write about in my blog Diverse Customer. 

Like so many people, I'm trying to find ways I can help others during this pandemic. It is time for all of us to practice and not preach. These episodes I am doing are focused on action.
In today’s episode, I will touch upon topics on how a job seeker can research employers and industries that are on an active-hiring mode and be mindful of ghost jobs.

Yes, there are proven and easy ways to figure that out as I will be telling you all about how shortly. But before that 2 cardinal rules that I would like you all to mull over.

First is Please don’t feel guilty and be reluctant to publicly announcing your current situation because, like many people, covid19 has had a profound impact on the job search. How will people help you if they don’t get to know you need it. So please post about your situation in your professional circles.

Second, there is never a good time or a bad time to look for opportunities. I hear a lot of job seekers in my network who say they want to give up on the search as the time is not on their side right now. It is the wrong way to think. In these times it is natural to feel that career-related tasks like looking for new openings and networking should be put on hold. Frankly, there is never a good or bad time to keep your network thriving by being active irrespective of the situation.

But before I go on talking about it at length, I want to quickly highlight something important. I love to read and I have been reading about quantum physics, laws of the universe. Something interesting caught my curiosity while reading about these subjects. There is a universal shift happening in 2020 which is described as 3D to 5D Ascension that is transformation. Definitely, this pandemic experience is indeed transformative. But the key takeaways for a job seeker and businesses that are facing survival challenges are:

This year is all about sustenance. It’s not about growth.

Secondly why digital and online is thriving right now is because these virtual modes are the least destructive to our environment, to nature, to the world in general. Please note that there will be no next normal.

What we will now see is new. And so the sooner we have an adaptability mindset, the better we are prepared to meet with the challenges that come with that newness. Disruptions will throw you off balance and so during this time adaptability is a more important skill to cultivate than being rigid about normality.

Organizations that have a robust digital ecosystem will thrive in this uncertain climate. The companies that would prioritize people over profit are the ones to really succeed in times to come.

How we respond to the crisis is going to be that one skill that will be assessed now more so than ever. Definitely, our response serves as a catalyst to our ability to thrive. How do you respond to a crisis and high pressure? I believe the ability to wade through high-pressure situations with composure and resilience will be the skill that will be in demand and help some job seekers more than others.

Companies you apply to or interview with would want to know and see how you managed to wade through many challenges induced by the pandemic.

It’s not survival of the fittest. It is the survival of the realist.

Ok, now without digressing, let me put my focus on this episode’s main topic. For Job Seekers which are the sectors that are actively hiring right now? Today I will discuss the emerging job opportunities, sectors that are actively hiring in the pandemic. My advice in episode 3 is to strike where the iron is hot.

It’s ok to look for opportunities in your sector or industry of expertise but like I discussed in episode 2 earlier that you as a job seeker need to keep your options open which translates to applying for jobs and looking for opportunities across industries especially the ones that are least affected by covid19 pandemic.

There are a lot of scientific approaches to this and some career gurus are elaborating it with ven diagrams and asking you to focus on the intersections of what’s available and your skills, as well as the overlaps to previous roles you’ve held and a core set of skills that underpin and exist through the jobs that have become more mainstream because of coronavirus.

Frankly. I don’t like to take confusing approaches. I love action and simple steps to look for actively hiring companies. My approach to seeking a job through this employment downturn is by defining, refining your best qualities in you, and then seek ways to apply those in a typical work environment. As I have emphasized in Episode 1, Please remember no matter your experience, you have transferable skills that may be used in a variety of roles or occupations. Even in an economic downturn and when unemployment rates are high, there are some industries that continue to recruit and hire to meet increasing requirements.

We are yet to feel the full impact of this pandemic. Labor-intensive jobs are the worst hit. Some jobs may just cease to exist. Following the COVID-19 led global lockdown sectors like travel and tourism, aviation, retail, automobile have come to a halt as consumerism, demand, as well as supply chain, are disrupted.

On the other hand knowledge worker jobs are seeing a resurgence. Technology companies that operate in the realms of emerging tech are still thriving and continuing to hire.

Tech talent specializing in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, jobs in big data capabilities, cybersecurity, data privacy,, and robotics, digital communication platforms are in particular demand as businesses digitalize to support telecommuting on a mass scale. The fintech and digital payments sector is also looking to hire more workers, including those with operational risk management or data analytics skills, to better prepare businesses for when the economy reopens. The same goes for Hitech like Semi-Conductor, electronics and cleantech, advanced manufacturing, 3d printing, Precision Machinery, Online publishing, scientific research, entertainment like OTT media platforms, online filmmaking & music and Online Learning are going to become more mainstream.

Public sector engaged in social welfare, law enforcement, Insurance, Dairy, Consumer Goods Essentials, Healthcare, Nutrition, e-commerce, logistics, delivery, shipping, transportation of goods, Food Processing, trucking, warehousing, public health, medical equipment, pharma... are the sectors emerging from the crisis.

Knowing the economy's path ahead is not possible. But we can make some educated guesses about the size and scale of the shock. Job seekers are less interested in nonmedical essential jobs like the ones in Grocery Stores, delivery professionals as there is a tremendous health risk of infection. 

My only and number 1 recommendation for job seekers who are keen to know which companies are actively hiring..which industries are seeing a hiring surge.. please use the Glassdoor Hiring Surge Feature. it saves you time to do research and go through tedious ways of finding this very potent information.

Image : Glassdoor

Glassdoor's Hiring Surge Feature guides jobseekers to search for companies that are actively and genuinely hiring in the pandemic using multiple filters like city, industry, job titles and functions, and work modalities like remote, part-time and full-time positions all in one centralized hub. It is the most potent tool available to job seekers to utilize.

Second, like I said earlier, prior to making an application, CV, or updating your professional profile, please ensure they are keyword-optimized. I recommend using the JOBSCAN tool which is a great tool to achieve keyword-optimization without much hassle.

Image : Jobscan

This also wraps my advice for this episode. Now before I leave. I want to end the episode on a personal note.

I have written an essay on All Black Lives Matter yesterday. I want to add my anger, and fear of this ongoing strife we are collectively and constantly reading about and seeing happening with the civil unrest in the US and Hong Kong and the citizen's strife in many other parts of the world. The idea that a human's value is less because of their race or their social and economic and political positioning is not just demeaning but also ruthless. I am wishing for peace and for humanity to thrive in these dark times. With a lot of hope for better June, here wishing you a happy month and the rest of the year. More later!  

-Amit Anand