Happy World Environment Day

                                                                                   Credit: James Fridman/ Twitter

Happy World Environment Day! Such a powerful message in this above image which must become viral, hence we are sharing it here! It is being used under the "fair use" modality as this is an educational post. We must put strict rules and effective controls to succeed in protecting nature and its biodiversity in order to be able to approach the future without worry. Nature is essential for all of us, the current destruction we are enlivening has no borders and future generations will be the victims. This year, let us only look for silver linings in the dark clouds that engulf us. Let us be compassionate to the environment as much as we are committed to fulfilling our basic needs. 

Our editor Amit Anand has been a vocal proponent of Sustainability, Green Initiatives and a thriving Biodiversity. Quoting him on celebrating the World Environment Day:

"Nature has always been extremely close to my heart. I wonder why people listen to music during their morning walks...To me, nothing is more melodious than the music of nature."

And this is our parting message for today "Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavantu" May all be prosperous and happy.