Big Change: Curated Inclusivity Tools & Products

Image:: US National Park Service graphics courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

At the start of this year, we announced that in addition to being the official lens of Diversity & Inclusion, we will also be aiming at becoming the go-to platform for all worldwide Inclusion & Diversity products. Diversity Products are Inclusively Designed Products "that help people with diverse characteristics use products in a variety of different environments, as positively defined by UXPLANET." 

Beginning 1st August 2020 we are officially changing tracks to celebrating customer diversity offering a curated list of inclusivity tools & products on our platform. We would like inclusively designed products to become more mainstream with outreach to our 42K+ D&I Audience, readers and customers, D&I subscribers, D&I network, and Diversity Professionals and Inclusive Design consortium. Please feel free to reach us at if you have a product or a tool directed at a diverse audience. 

Yes, our D&I audience is growing by leaps and it is heartening that our blog is now offering greater value to its diverse customers in more ways than one. We firmly believe that designing for Inclusion is not optional. It must be proactive by design and must become an intentional tool for everyone regardless of their characteristics and ability. Inclusively designed products are designed with empathy in mind. 

COVID-19 has exposed the disproportionate negative consequences on the populations least able to survive its devastating impact. Hence, more than ever, we must focus on fixing what is not working not just for our unique needs but also for our special needs. We can't ignore this crucial step to empathize with different groups in the customer development journey.

The need to have a unidimensional focus on Inclusivity products for the diverse customer is driven by our editor's desire and vision to guide diverse groups of organizations and inclusive product creators around their unique communication challenges, product releases, and launch materials and their ability to market to a larger audience and to be able to deliver localized approaches by contextualizing the holistic impact of diverse content basing the content strategy decisions on real needs expressed by real human beings. We believe the outcome of this approach will enhance the diverse consumer experience and deepen their relationship with the brands and individuals who are creating products and tools for them. 

We aim at bringing stories of these organizations and people to life through well-crafted copies across all our channels and customer touchpoints. Gathering and verifying factual information through interviews, observations, and research with passion, empathy, and a compelling voice, sharing and shining a spotlight on their achievements internally and externally as well, connecting cultural and diverse audience insights to creative inspiration and opportunities. We want to be the bridge that brings diverse customers to authentically connect with the brands and individuals who are creating products solely catering to their requirements. 

Just. Stay. Tuned. 

1st August 2020 is just around the corner :)