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Patti + Ricky is amongst the most inclusively-inclined platforms making the landscape of adaptive fashion & accessories filled with opportunity and commercial dynamism. The platform offers a marketplace for both inclusive designers and diverse customers in the USA to access, assess, and be able to buy functional as well as fashionable alternatives in clothes and accessories options ranging from diverse needs arising out of accessibility, mobility to neurodiversity, and other unique requirements of individuals. Inclusive design is the future and this marketplace is indeed a purpose-driven, progressive, and inclusive shopping experience that connects the dots of diversity in fashion seamlessly. The adaptive fashion scene in the world is highly fragmented and Patti + Ricky is changing that narrative bringing a much-needed integration. According to Crowd DNA, The adaptive fashion industry is on track to be worth $529.8 billion by 2023 and this industry is poised to bring inclusion to fashion innovation, fashion design and the fashion industry as a whole. Patti + Ricky is paving the way for many designers in the adpative fashion space to get the foothold they want to become successful.

Patti + Ricki caters to adults and kids with different abilities, chronic conditions including aging seniors, and caregivers. Products are also highly bespoke, made-to-order keeping in mind the special fit & measurement requirements of customers as each customer is unique in their own way, as is their abilities.


Patti Connell was a mother, sister, aunt, daughter, friend, and entrepreneur. She was strong, independent, and very much ahead of her time. Ricky Warga-Arias was a son, cousin, friend, philanthropist, and teacher. He had a contagious smile, keen intellect, and was a true lover of the arts. They were both the depiction of cool. Together, Patti and Ricky formed the inclusive lens through which Alexandra Connell Herold (CEO and Founder of Patti + Ricky) sees the world. Alexandra wanted to create an online department store where every product is curated with Patti and Ricky's approval in mind. Their mission is to continue to spread the love, understanding, and acceptance that Patti + Ricky passed on throughout their lifetimes. 

Patti + Ricki is a popular destination for adaptive fashion customers and enthusiasts + the inclusive platform has some of the best-curated designers on board. Each one picked for their uniqueness, talent, and passion for fashion that's functional and beautifully made. To our readers and patrons in the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ, we urge you all to share and support this unique platform and help spread the message within your networks. 


Well, we love all the designers and their inclusive creations on the platform. However here are a few that we have picked as we find their work fascinating. To view the full spectrum of products and other designers please visit the store/ buy at






Post Surgical Bra by The Brobe

CoolSport Vestino by Oro Sports

Cooling Headbands by Oro Sports




  1. Thank you so much Diverse Customer for your amazing support! It means the world to us! We also love what you are doing for our shared community! We hope to collaborate in some way the future. Love, Patti + Ricky Team

    1. Thanks to you too team Patti + Ricky you guys are fantastic πŸ‘


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