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Gamification of Diversity Training is increasingly becoming a necessary component in engaging a diverse workforce in these unprecedented times. Engagement is the key whether it's digital or in-person. 

I remember in early 2019 when the game-based learning concept to deliver corporate and diversity training was just beginning to catch up, I was invited by a client in San Francisco to develop the concept of an UNCONSCIOUS BIAS GAMING APP. The client wanted a global rollout focused on Unconscious Bias (UB)- designing, implementing workshops, and training including content. Ideally to be achieved with a mix of Classroom/Offline (In-Person) Online (Virtual Training) and an e-learning system to train my clients’ 70,000+ employees globally on UB essentials and imparting a deep understanding of the subject and dealing with biases at workplace keeping in mind challenges of the difference of cultures, languages, and customs and how it reflects on UB and how UB is perceived regionally, geographically and at a global level. The challenge was to run a program in eLearning and classroom format that was easy to run, scale-up and push more employees through the training faster and more efficiently globally and ensure that the thrust towards game-based learning ensures a high level of engagement on an ongoing basis while varied but essential Diversity concepts to be introduced to keep the momentum on digital-physical inclusion going forward.

That was the time, I also decided to focus on diversity products that augmented inclusion in the most engaging and innovative ways. This blog is a product of that decision. Know more about me: Amit Anand, Editor @ Diverse Customer.

Email: diversecustomer@gmail.com


Today I introduce Dive-In Cards, a diversity teambuilding gameAs the integration of I&D into post-pandemic organizations is an important step in building a healthy corporate culture, Dive-In cards offer an interactive game that can effectively and informally supports and kick-start I&D topics in your company. With the help of playing cards, one can easily open discussions on topics of gender, culture, age, racial or ethnic diversity, try out model situations and soak up a lot of interesting facts. The game is a perfect tool for your internal workshops, team-buildings, onboarding of new employees, or I&D training, comes loaded with an online version that can be a great tool for online teambuilding during work from home mode. With DIVE-IN, you will open a discussion on the topic of inclusion and diversity, point out its importance in society, and learn a number of interesting facts and suggestions on how to solve various model situations.


Images Credit: BEIDHUMAN


  • You will bring playfulness to the theme of diversity and inclusion, which will open and lighten the theme.
  • Gamification is an essential part of the dialogue.
  • You will prevent the emergence of unconscious prejudices.


  • Companies, I&D organizations that want to create inclusive and engaging pathways, Connecting diverse people across their company.
  • HR, PR, CSR department
  • Brand / Marketing department
  • Team leaders & Members
  • Educational institutions
  • Organization helping with I&D


  • Capitalize on all diversity-led events. 
  • At the beginning of internal workshops,
  • During I&D training, team building, staff onboarding
  • Whenever there is a need to spark a discussion about inclusion and diversity - e.g.:
  • Playing time: 30-90 minutes
  • The number of players: 3-12.
  • Dive-In Cards are available in both physical and online versions.


  • The game works well with the following I&D broad categories:
  • Gender Diversity
  • Age Diversity
  • Racial / Ethnic diversity
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Ability Diversity (Countering Ableism)


The game has a set of six activity types and can be combined depending on the context:



Discuss in Pairs

Start withYourself

And, more like,

What would you do if you are a Team Leader?

What would you do if you are a Team Member?

PACKAGE (Subject to change)

  • Online + 5 offline 100 eur
  • Online + 10 offline 200 eur
  • Online + 15 offline 280 eur
  • Online + 20 offline 350 eur
  • Online + 30 offline 450 eur
  • Online + 5 offline + workshop 800 eur
  • Online + 1 offline + workshop 650 eur
  • It is possible for the packages to be branded with your company logo.

If you are interested in the DIVE-IN game, would like to see the demo or give them feedback or anything else, feel free to write to them at hello@beidhuman.com or reach out to Zuzana (Maderova) Zamborska  zuzka@beidhuman.com.

WEB:  https://www.beidhuman.com/divein

- Amit Anand