A Note from Amit Anand, Author - The Afterlife Chronicler, A Lesbian Love Saga

Hello Lovely people!

I am super excited to have become a published author today and holding the first copies of my 24-part-book-series, The Afterlife Chronicler. Part I is out and 23 more to go! The excitement is doubled owing to the fact that becoming a full-time writer has been a long-held dream! The book is available on Kindle & Paperback (ISBN: 9798720393649) and soon available on Nook | Apple | Kobo and Google Play to reach out to a wider audience.

I am currently in India and considering the situation with the pandemic peaking, my big official launch (that I would love to have eventually) will have to wait a bit longer.

The representation of lesbians in media (digital & print) is an area where lesbian and queer women often struggle to be seen. It’s important for everyone to have visible role models that they can look up to and see a part of themselves in. 

Like we say for all other celebratory days, every day should be the visibility day, acceptance day, or inclusive day to celebrate, love, and raise the visibility of all people who are denied to be seen... to be heard... and to be validated, without having to explain themselves inside out and outside in.

My 24-part-book-series, The Afterlife Chronicler is a tribute to remarkable queer women around the world! 
Please follow the links to my book, now available worldwide on Amazon, and get your copy today:

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Links to Nook | Apple | Kobo and Google Play will be updated later as they become available on the respective platforms. 

-- Amit Anand