Personal Note: Author, Amit Anand's New Book Launch

                 A paranormal Lesbian love story set in the current reality of the Pandemic.

Hello, my dear Readers! I'm your Author, Amit Anand. I am an inclusionist, LGBTQIA+ Visibility & Empowerment Champion, and a Diversity Blogger. 

 A chance encounter with a spiritualist in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic made me write this book, part of a series called The Afterlife Chronicler. The meeting was so random and impactful that I still can't get my way through how this man found me to even the course of events that followed! The man probably in his mid-50s came to my doorstep one afternoon in early September 2020. I live in a gated community so I was beyond surprised and a lot more apprehensive about how this person found his way to my house. My first reaction when I saw him was to shout to the guard on duty and ask him to escort this vagabond off the premises immediately. The man took necessary precautions and was also wearing a mask, he maintained a healthy distance, despite that his presence was overwhelming and uninvited. 

However, the first thing he said looking at me shocked me beyond my belief. He told me to not worry about my health condition that I was having at that time. No one except my family members knew about it. He asked me to write down that within a few days (and he gave me a date) I will hear back about the prognosis and will be relieved that I would not be needing any surgery. 

I was obviously dumbfounded but I had no reason whatsoever to believe him either. Anyhow he asked for a blanket or some woolens because he was going to the hills and since winter was around the corner soon, he needed whatever help I could possibly offer. Not once he asked for money or any donation. I let him in, offered him tea and snacks, and while he had them with absolute gratitude, he narrated a fascinating story about the afterlife. It was a personal account of one of his disciples. 

Thus was born the inspiration to tell a story of the afterlife, which I believe is seldomly told based on someone’s personal account. Anyhow, it is still a work of fiction and any names, characters, events, and incidents are the product of my own imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events narrated in the story is purely coincidental. This work is not intended to hurt the sentiments of any community. Some places and events in this book have real-life references that unfolded during the start of the pandemic.

Introducing, possibly the first-ever ghost-lesbian protagonist. As the 24-part-Book-Series will progress, it will definitely keep you engrossed if not on the edge. Enjoy!

 Numer 1 is out. 23 more to go!

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