Diverse Customer Shoutout: Panacea, Asexuality Asia Conference 2021


A big shoutout to the Panacea: Asia Asexuality Conference which is being held during the Asexual Awareness Week: 25-31 October 2021. This is the world's first such conference on the identities of the asexual and aromantic spectrum focused on Asia. The conference is expected to reach close to 100,000 people across the continent through their promotions, including the youth, social impact changemakers, leaders, and organizations. This is the world's first such conference bringing out unique perspectives on the Asexual Spectrum in the Asian context aiming to create space for discussion, debate, and discourse as well as community-building and cultural exchange in the community.PanACEa invites participants to explore the “A” in LGBTQIA++ through presentations, community events, art, and lectures in a week-long celebration of Asexuality and Asia, under the following segments:

楽しい Tanoshī (Fun) segment: PanACEa will host various events such as Open Mics, Meetups, and Online Exhibition.

搜集 Sōují (Gathering) segment: PanACEa will host Video Presentations and Live Interactions with experts.

Credits: Dr. Pragati Singh, Founder

of, IndianAces.orgAsexuality

India.com, and HumansOfQueer.com