Announcing the launch of my new book + journal : © Good Gracious Grief! :

Hello 👋 all! I've started promoting my new book + journal "Good Gracious Grief!" which is a legacy book dedicated to my father, Brigadier M.S. Anand, a real hero, and a decorated veteran of the Indian Army.

I've been working on the final edits past few months of this book and audio. My publishers want me to begin the promotional activity and I believe that's an essential aspect of the whole writing process and getting a book published to ensure it reaches people who need it the most.

After my father's passing, It's been quite a journey and you might wonder why am I publishing a book when I'm grieving. Well to begin with the book is my way of coping with grief. Most importantly, it's how I leave a legacy for my father.

This book is a reminder to me of the Japanese art of Kintsugi, which is the art of restoring broken pottery by using gold or other metals to put broken pieces back together. 

The book is my own little form of Kintsugi. As a philosophy, Kintsugi espouses the beauty of broken things and the ability to heal. 

And notably, it does not attempt to hide the scars and the imperfections, but rather finds beauty and strength in the broken parts.

This book represents to me what it's like to put the pieces together and to know that: While you will never be that perfect unbroken whole again, you can still create something new and beautiful. 

With my new book, Good Gracious Grief!, I'm hoping that we all, who are grieving in one way or the other, may find beauty and strength in the imperfect and broken. 


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- Amit Anand