Note: This is a personal blog that doubles up as a News and Media platform for Inclusion and Diversity and related disciplines. The About section only serves to highlight the editor, Amit Anand's work. Should a client be interested to reach out, all queries are entertained via the editor's official LinkedIn Profile only.


From July 2024, join us as we pivot this blog’s focus to celebrate diversity and inclusivity in an impactful way. We will be showcasing products and services that champion representation —from neurodiversity, disabilities to the empowerment of communities and individuals who are changing the face of Diversity. 

Together, we’ll explore designs that embrace universal accessibility and highlight  companies/brands that are paving the way for a more inclusive tomorrow. 

 Our endeavor is to support and amplify the voices that matter. 

Thank you for your interest in Diverse Customer! Here is a little introduction. Diverse Customer is led by me, Amit Anand ↑ (Image). I'm a multi-award-winning Diversity & Inclusion leader. I address any differences that make a difference in the workplace magnifying the employer brand and ensuring my clients walk the talk on both the business + commitment to inclusion and diversity.

What I do best as a D&I leader is to give an inclusive direction to global brands.

A storyteller at heart with a keen sense for what makes compelling stories guiding inclusive brands gain attention, market expansion, diverse customers, and talent through a consultative approach. Having a deep knowledge of the buyer's persona allows me to be seen as a peer and not as a marketer. This is one of the reasons why sellers that have walked a mile in the buyer's shoes can so much more quickly and easily relate to prospects and customers and this is the ability that helps me deliver on all my Diversity projects & program, time, and again.

At the intersection of being a creative storyteller, talent, and content curator, I have been fortunate to have worked on assignments from recruiting, learning in addition to positively impacting employees' journey from onboarding to exit, and a customer's journey from concept to consumer. Designing distinctive experiences and bringing alive the organization, its values, culture in every employee, and customer interaction to make that emotional connection and a renewed sense of belonging and purpose which ensures maintaining the equilibrium of the diversity-centered employee-customer ecosystem. An important aspect of my job also revolves around developing and implementing community development strategies that help strengthen the capacity of individuals and communities both at the workplace and outside of it.

I support organizations and individuals who have a strong drive for social entrepreneurship and are using innovative means through products and services that have a positive and progressive social, sustainable and environmental impact.  Still Curious? 
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What does Diverse Customer (DC) actually do?


* Giving an inclusive direction to global brands. 

* Amplify Diversity Tools & Services and Inclusively Designed Products.

* Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Audit and setting up a D&I Action Plan.

Diversity Recruitment & Talent Strategy.

* Inclusive Communications Development – Internal (Employees) & External (Customers).

* Engaging Diversity Influencers and Diversity Role Models for Inclusive Campaigns.

* Organising Diversity Events and Hackathons like Women-in-Tech, Out-in-Tech, Autistic Techies, etc.

* Diversity Training and Inclusion Workshops (Unconscious Bias Training etc.).

* Gender, LGBTQ+ Sensitization, Belonging and Authenticity workshops.

* Diversity Content Management for Web, Print & Digital. 

Why hire us?

We deliver our client's diversity vision to create a better-informed audience - both diverse talent and customers through meaningful storytelling that embraces transparency, authenticity, and diversity of perspectives. 

We create a comprehensive diversity program, training programs, and policymaking from scratch, or provide Diversity interventions and nudges where required to support a multi-cultural organization to achieve its diversity goals. 

We enrich brand reputation with inclusive brand marketing, diversity events, engaging ERGs & advertising campaigns targetting specific demographics/cohorts, helping brands to feature in Top Diversity indices.

In addition to hiring Diversity professionals, our clients also get the benefits of value adds that we offer as part of our 360° solutions:

a. Conduct Diversity Talent audits and identify gaps in recruiting strategy.

b. Design recruiting policies and deliverables enabling clients to develop an articulated hiring strategy for inclusion so that the workplace is not only attractive to diverse talent but also welcoming and nurturing to develop the diverse talent to become successful. Our diversity programming aims at ensuring improved financial performance along with a sense of belonging and a workforce that reflects its customers. 

c. Guiding brands/organizations to communicate with inclusive content, messaging, and communication strategy so that they can break into new markets, and expand their business and product portfolio that reflects the diversity of their customers.

d. Partner with the Talent, C-Suite, Hiring Managers, and Heads of Diversity & Inclusion to understand the D&I goals developing talent acquisition and diversity plan with a core focus on hiring and devising specific actions to ensure a build-up of a healthy diverse talent pipeline, retaining, engaging top diverse talent, aligning diversity & inclusion strategy with business strategy. 

e. Kickstart a plan for inclusion by integrating the underlying nuances of the organizational behavior and other aspects of core HR.

f. Curate new ways of integrated working 

g. Provide training for Diversity Recruitment to internal recruiting and hiring teams.

h. Organize diversity events & hackathons (like Women in Tech Series as an example, BAME Professional Network, etc. ) and collaborate with diverse supplier networks and forums like Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), National Minority Supplier Development Council to drive global inclusion and supplier diversity campaigns for the employer and customer branding building alliances with Non-Profits, Forums and inclusion-driven events like the London Pride/ Back History Month as an example and weave our client's diversity story into their brand.  

i. Build strong relationships with networks, communities, equality standards, and campaigns (GEEIS, Stonewall, LGBT Foundation, The Human Rights Campaign, The 30% Club, BAME Foundation, The Race Equality Foundation, European Foundation of Human Rights, Sustainable Brands, Corporate Equality Award, Institutions dedicated to addressing climate change, etc.) Our founder's vast network enables him to partner with Government and non-government public policy bodies, leveraging best practices and networks of national and international global foundations like Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Tata Trusts, Global India Fund, Department of International Development, India Sanitation Coalition, etc. and with his knowledge of a range of Diversity/Corporate Social Responsibility Benchmarks and Indices including Global Diversity Rankings, Best CSR Reputations, Stonewall's WEI, The Corporate Philanthropy, the Best Employers for Race Survey, the Times Top 50 Employers for Women and the Social Mobility Index, etc., British LGBT Awards, etc. 

Diversity recruiting and developing diverse talent is one of the key presuppositions of our success in managing inclusion as a stand-by solution to create the best bottom line for our clients and become the leading talent and employer-branding specialists within the D&I space. We also act as an "Advisory" for start-ups in Social Development, Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, and Social Mobility space bridging the gap between Start-Ups & Investors, VC & PE firms forging long-term alliances with Accelerators & Incubators. 

Amit in his current capacity is also focused on helping philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, and changemakers increase their impact by enabling them to connect to purpose, build trust, and collaborate with others. He has also been part of fundraising teams and helped raise capital for social enterprises (LGBTQ+ Skill Development & Work Empowerment Programmes) through many fundraising initiatives.

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🏆Debut Author, GLOBAL ICON AWARD 2022 

🏆 GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARD 2020 for         amplifying, promoting & advocating               LGBTQIA+ Representation in Beauty and Fashion Pageants.

🏆 NATIONAL ICON AWARD 2019 for   ampliying Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality and increasing visibility of diverse talent in organizations.