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Diversity Recruitment & Talent Strategy

Working with an experienced diversity recruiting consultant is imperative for organizations looking to hire diverse talent to get a better grip and ROI from their efforts. 

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1. Formalize an effective strategy for diversity hiring that binds well with the organization's diversity and inclusion policies.  

2. Plan coordinated Recruitment Campaigns focusing on specific cohorts like the Women in Tech, Out in Tech, etc., and hackathon series. We help develop and maintain an extensive network of contacts to facilitate events including but not limited to coordinating arrangements with media planning and distribution of event materials, mailings, and invitations, selection of diversity speakers, etc. event agenda and topics. Maintain records on event activities, progress, and status. 

3. Provide guidance and training to the operations team and volunteers in event planning. Identifying opportunities to further brand awareness, and build sustainable diverse talent pipelines. Develop Diversity Networks and Diverse Employee Referral Programs for Diversity Portals, Forums, and Events. Our expertise is in hiring diversity practitioners globally. Today Diversity is essential in the business. Hence, hiring diversity professionals that are tested for their capability is far more essential than just hiring anyone with superficial, quasi, and pseudo-diversity credentials.  

4. Offer an invaluable recruiting platform for your brand to reach out to + engage with world-class equality, inclusion, and diversity professionals worldwide. Our founder, Amit Anand, a multi-award-winning D&I proponent with 24 years of executive research, diversity & leadership hiring experience conducts confidential and high-level retained searches globally to hire the best and most effective diversity professionals worldwide. He runs highly engaging digital platforms, groups, and forums where diversity thrives. Also, being part of many international, national, and regional diversity professional associations and groups organized around specific minority groups helps Amit to have access to the best professional network in the business of diversity & inclusion.

5. Design recruiting policies and deliverables, that enable our clients to develop an articulated hiring strategy for inclusion so that the workplace is not only attractive to diverse talent but also welcoming and nurturing to develop the diverse talent become successful. Our diversity programming aims at ensuring improved financial performance along with a sense of belonging and a workforce that reflects its customers. 

6. Provide comprehensive training for Diversity Recruiting, training internal recruitment teams, hiring managers, and leaders to adapt & evolve to modern workplace trends. Develop a strategy for Learning solutions, editorial dashboard focusing on communicating with employees & customers that is consistent with brand value and is inclusive.

Diversity recruiting and developing diverse talent is one of the key presuppositions of our success in managing inclusion as a stand-by solution to create the best bottom line for our clients and become the leading talent and employer-branding specialists within the D&I space.

The solutions/ services we offer encompass designing and implementing inclusive recruiting and networking campaigns and events that go beyond gender and have a holistic approach to better represent other demographics, dimensions, cohorts, and the extended diverse diaspora. The purpose is to develop a disruptive customer/talent attraction strategy for global brands and organizations that tackle the issue of representation of diversity & inclusion across the extended diversity ecosystem and create a positive branding experience across all touchpoints inside-out of the organizational landscape.

We are a complete Diversity & Inclusion, service provider. The core expertise is in aligning diversity policies with commercial objectives. Diversity Recruitment and Diverse Talent Integration (As Inclusion is equally important along with Diversity. Both are not mutually exclusive). Partner closely with the D&I heads to understand the goals, develop a diversity talent acquisition & retention plan with a core focus on devising specific actions to ensure alignment of diversity & inclusion strategy with business strategy. Collaborate with Talent & HR to improve organizational effectiveness with succession planning, diagnostic tools, predictive/ workforce analytics & gap analysis.

We volunteer and participate in non-profits, forums, events, and charities across APAC, Europe, and North America with a focus on issues of D&I within the scope of Leadership development, gender equality, LGBTQ, conscious and unconscious bias, marketing, branding, culture transformation, inclusion, etc. Plus, the DC blog is in itself a sounding board of Diversity & Inclusion reaching out to 60K D&I and Social Entrepreneurs and Equality enthusiasts globally with a rich consortium of Diversity Subject Experts who are trained in executive (1-on-1) coaching, workshops/training, frameworks/program design, and organizational strategy.

We also Endorse - Updated April 2021

Chronically Capable is a platform that connects chronically ill professionals to inclusive employers. It's a Talent marketplace connecting chronically ill and disabled professionals to flexible work opportunities.

She Matters Diversity Recruitment is a social enterprise recruitment agency with the mission to bring untapped talent into the Dutch labor market through refugees and newcomers' integration. Fundamental programs, such as the Lotus Flower Programme, aim to address the integration of female refugee talent by inviting facilitators to speak on key critical challenges faced during the job hunt.

Website: https://www.shematters.nl/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shemattersnl/?hl=en

ReadyAble – a social enterprise, a social recruiting company aimed at supporting people with developmental disabilities to gain employment. Fewer employment opportunities exist for those with disabilities and those that are considered can suffer from interviewer bias or misconceptions of ability. There are many aspects of the recruiting cycle that could add value for both (1) individuals looking to enter the workforce, and (2) companies looking to provide opportunities but unsure where to begin or how to approach the subject.

When the coronavirus pandemic intensified it subsequently turned most industries on their head. Many companies have suffered consequences of the measures taken to flatten the curve of the virus and any who can have adopted a remote-working policy. Many organizations are now looking at remote-working with a lens of a longer-term solution to employment. ReadyAble is using this opportunity to promote new avenues for people with developmental disabilities.

Website: https://readyable.io/

Podium is an online marketplace that connects skilled people with a disability or impairment directly with ambitious employers on a freelance basis and vice versa. Podium is a talented community of skilled people that are unable to work on a conventional basis due to their disability or impairment yet is able to add significant expertise and value to organizations in all industries and geographies.

Website: https://www.appbytap.com/


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POINTER POTENTIAL is a Recruitment Agency in Finland that specifically aims to help, guide, and lead foreign talent into FINLAND.

CAMBAS is an innovative platform connecting creative talent with global brands.

TSIM: Highly recommended platform - A professional ecosystem for Women


Blavity is a highly recommended resource for your organization if you are really serious about representation. Blavity offers a unique voice and a digital platform for the black Millenials.


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