Provision of Services (Partial-List) This is not an exhaustive list of our services, so please email the editor at diversecustomer@gmail.com and he will get back to you with more details or answer your specific questions. Thanks! 

We weave diversity stories and achievements into our client's brand by communicating what elements make their diversity initiatives unique.

Diversity Recruitment and Recruiting Diversity Professionals - Advisory Services

Working the full inclusive recruitment campaign cycle from brainstorming and planning through execution for live campaigns and their evolving iterations.  Determining key messaging as needed for different mediums, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other digital platforms. Conceptualizing campaigns to create cross-platform plans and analyzing data insights to upgrade campaigns as needed to drive leads, build a diverse talent pipeline, and magnify employer branding opportunities. 
Support and develop a variety of diversity recruiting campaigns. Use multi-channel marketing to amplify and grow a solid network of diverse, available talent using a combination of marketing and recruiting strategies plus social media campaigns, qualifying and engaging potential diverse candidates, and creating pools of new talent tied to hiring goals with a focus on diversifying the candidate pool engaging with diverse groups, forums, employee resources, and Allie's channels.

D&I Native Advertorials, Diversity Outreach, Diversity Sounding Board  

A diverse audience cannot be serviced without an inclusive perspective. To maximize the revenue of products and services offered by organizations, they need diversity amongst the people building and managing those products and services, if not – there will always be a blind spot in the companies and a perspective that the companies are unaware of. We help develop a strategy that is subtle yet impactful through blog posts, social media outreach, reaching out to our vast network of Diversity professionals across  diverse channels, networks, groups, and forums, We help design organizations D&I Digital footprint in three easy steps:

1. Native advertorials that are focused on diversity. This is generally part of the larger content-driven approach that relays the message targetted to help demographers reach their intended audience and engage with them at a deeper level.

2. Outreach to relevant groups to maximize engagement and participation of the targetted cohort. As an example, Diverse Customer has more than 40K D&I combined Subscribers across our social media channels. This helps our clients reach out to a massive pool of Diversity talent.

3. Act as a reference point, make apt recommendations, and introduce the right diversity talent without being invasive. A perfect example could be when recruiters reaching out to diversity talent on leading job boards and on LinkedIn are often not able to get a favorable response. This recruitment activity and the process is a huge waste of the recruiters' time. This is where Diverse Customer can help introduce genuine talent that is willing to engage with your brand and interested in opportunities that you may offer. Moreover, talent comes highly vetted as these are subscribers to our diversity content that has a very high journalistic fervor. This Diversity talent engages with us through our well-crafted groups and forums where we routinely share the best practices in the D&I areas globally.

Please follow this link to know more about this newly launched service from January 2020.


Coordinated Recruitment Campaigns for Specific Cohorts

Expert in planning Coordinated Recruitment Campaigns focusing on specific cohorts like Women in Tech, series. Develop and maintain an extensive network of contacts to facilitate events including but not limited to coordinating arrangements with media planning and distribution of event materials, mailings, and invitations, selection of diversity speakers, etc. event agenda and topics. Maintain records on event activities, progress, and status. Provide guidance and training to the operations team and volunteers in event planning. Identifying opportunities to further brand awareness, and build sustainable diverse talent pipelines.

Enabling global Diversity/ CSR Partnerships and Featuring in Top Diversity/CSR Indices

We help our clients to develop and maintain relationships with strategic external organizations, networks, communities, and campaigns (Stonewall, LGBT Foundation, The Human Rights Campaign, The 30% Club, BAME Foundation, The Race Equality Foundation, European Foundation of Human Rights, Sustainable Brands, Corporate Equality Award, Institutions dedicated to addressing climate change, environmentalism, etc.)

Organizing top features in a range of Diversity/Social Responsibility Benchmarks and Indices including Global Diversity Rankings, Best CSR Reputations, Stonewall's WEI, Corporate Philanthropy, the Best Employers for Race Survey, the Times Top 50 Employers for Women and the Social Mobility Index, etc. Measure the impact of diversity index by various dimensions(age, geography, department) on KPI's (performance, innovation, and ROI).

Identifying and take up speaking opportunities in order to share D&I best practices and amplify our client's CSR + Social Impact programs. Particular interest in sustainable investment and sustainable production, and building authentic affiliations and strong partnerships with external diversity organizations focused on inclusion, equality, social development, and conservationist Issues, philanthropy & entrepreneurship.

Actively oversee, and amplify major diversity sponsorships globally and identify new ones.

Partnering with Foundations

Enabling partnerships with Government, leveraging best practices and networks of national and international global foundations like Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, Tata Trusts, Global India Fund, Department of International Development, India Sanitation Coalition, etc.

Communication for a Diverse Workforce. Inclusive and Intercultural Communications
Diversity Events & Marketing 

Research, analysis, and inclusive communication delivery of complex information to a wide range of diverse stakeholders. We offer solutions that have a measured approach with excellent written, presentation, facilitation & influencing skills for organizations, leaders, and brands to reach out to diverse stakeholders - both existing and future employees and existing and future customers. Developing messaging strategy, fine-tune existing one by deep diving into business and psychological drivers at all levels to create a maximum impact after re-evaluating how the communication can be improved for full effectiveness and creating the desired impact. Developing concepts for diversity events and campaigns, oversee the execution of these campaigns & events working closely with the global talent and employer branding teams.

Developing and Implement Customer branding and Customer Outreach (Inclusive and Intercultural Communications) and driving CSR opportunities, campaigns & events with respective teams to create a platform for diverse talent to network and gain access to opportunities. We collaborate with event organizers to organize diversity events (Women in Tech Series/ Pride Events as an example). We develop concepts for diversity events and campaigns, oversee the execution of these campaigns and events working closely with the global talent and employer branding teams to monitor and further develop and support Inclusion & Diversity commitments at each and every stage in the employee-customer life cycle. 

Building a network of Diverse Suppliers and partnering with leading diverse supplier networks 

Build and collaborate with diverse supplier networks and forums (like Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), National Minority Supplier Development Council, WEConnect) to drive global inclusion campaigns for the employer and customer branding building alliances with Non-Profits and Forums ensuring our clients walk the talk on both the business and commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

Diverse Influencer Marketing & Influencer Management 

Looking for Diversity Role Models and Influencers for inclusive campaigns?

With a network of over 60,000 leaders across the globe, we have access to a large network of Diversity, CSR Influencers, Allies, and Role Models who head the creation of mobilization of D&I, CSR, and social impact in their respective organizations or in an individual capacity.  

We help identify, orient, and connect your brand to Individuals, platforms, and foundations who have influence over a diverse customer base especially role models and influencers that have been into the trenches and are best suited to deliver the brand message to diverse stakeholders. We also tap into Allies' Networks, Employee Resource Groups, community boards; cultural community groups, and regional employment boards; in local ethnic and community newsletters and at language schools, etc.

Diversity Content Development & Amplification

Branding & Inclusive/ intercultural communication:: We develop Brand Story, Visual Language across Print & Digital. Amplify it 📢 to Diverse Customers & Talent 🌎
Quoting, Reputation Institute managing partner Fernando Prado in a FORBES article by Karsten Strauss: “Companies are not communicating what they do, their good deeds,” said Prado. “A lot of times we see that companies have a lot of people who do not know a lot about what they’re actually doing or people that have a very neutral opinion. If they are able to communicate, they can build their reputations and reputations build a business.”

Part of our work entails enabling clients to assess the viability of their CSR/D&I efforts and integrating value in areas of education, aid/development programs, medical research, health services, economic empowerment, environment, sustainable philanthropy among others, and fulfilling their social development goals. Communicating those efforts need to be done without using dubious promotions but more by progressive revelations. We help brands communicate with diverse customers/talent with the right content and messaging strategy. 

We do this without profiling customers or peeking into their personal data. Instead, we help brands create insightful and relevant experiences for customers adhering to regional, local, and international regulations like the GDPR, Employment Acts, etc..

Supporting the development of marketing collateral for all external and internal Communications and Branding activities and ensuring the right messaging goes out that meets the sensibilities of that demographic.

Updates to Websites or Microsites Or Social Media channels in the desired region via our specific diversity outreach programming and creative team.

Content Planning and Strategy including Content creation and outreach to the intended demographic segment and territory.

Conceptualizing social/digital campaigns to raise awareness and traffic-driving campaigns through channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Insights and advice on innovation and identifying ‘best practice’ in the market as well as the actual creation and implementation of ideas that fit our clients' particular brief and budget i.e. A complete bespoke solution. Support other campaigns that require a deeper level of involvement.

Campaigns for bespoke photography and videography created for additional web pages, the creation of microsites to allow our clients' to manage these specific campaigns, targeted promotion, and/or creation of supporting materials for events or online awareness campaigns.

Employer Branding  

Guidance in developing an Employer Value Proposition and then developing brand loyalty through participation, events, and forums.

Initial discussions with the Corporate Brand team, focus group work, etc. and developing a strategy including metrics to gauge ROI and the impact of programs, strategies, and initiatives in augmenting EVP.

Developing the creative side of the proposition to ensure it is deployed through the right tone of voice and look & feel.

Manage and complete photoshoots to capture images or a specific cohort of a customer/ diverse talent group at various locations as well as the creation of supporting videos, providing an insight into life at the company;  Content strategy for Website, Social Media channels - that can be used on the website, social and internal activities like the Employee Resource Groups within the organization and best optimize their participation and also augment the participation of the Allies helping in the creation of the Brand Image.

Set up both internal and external Groups, Forums and Campaigns* like Culture Mondays, Cohort Events, Role Model representation at industry events, etc. to increase customer and employee engagement.

*Note: We rely on Diverse/ Minority Supplier knowledge and expertise in the print and digital marketing space to ensure those media channels recommended are successful and appropriate for the required campaign whilst being purchased in the most cost-effective way.

Website & Content Research and Development, Consultancy

We develop break-through inclusive creatives.

Potential advice and support in relation to the messaging and branding for a diverse talent base on the website or place of work. Practical and technical help to plan, create, build, and manage inclusion-driven web pages to ensure they are integrated with other parts of the site. especially ensuring the touchpoints whether digital or spatial is accessible to the needs of diverse talent.

Help in identifying the right services and products like Apps including Gaming solutions to engage like millennial customers or a specific cohort in the employee-customer ecosystem. Similar digitization strategies suiting the needs and sensibilities of other demographic segments globally through AR/VR, digital, and print methods for a wider outreach within different consumer segments. With the help of the right partners, we also infuse AI elements in the Emerging Tech space to collaborate on projects that require Deep Tech expertise in our campaigns for our clients especially to gather insights on customers and employees and the ROI of campaigns, etc. or use predictive solutions like workforce analytics, predictive analytics, etc..

Determining the Sentiment of diverse opinions and working on responding to those with inclusive communication especially feedback registered on Glassdoor etc. 

Diversity Content Moderation. Ensuring all content meets standards for digital content and that is grammatically correct and aligned to brand voice and its inclusive tone.

Content Gatekeeping & Pre-emptive Censoring - Monitoring Comments, Comments Reviewing, ensuring offensive comments, images videos, or posts are constantly monitored, deleted and issues addressed. 

Performing miscellaneous and specific content research, operational duties across multiple content channels, managing or delivering content from/ to multiple users in a collaborative environment/ CMS.

Assess whether the writing is good and appropriate for the target country´s market and if the piece is compelling and appealing enough for its purpose.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams and evaluate content reported for potential abuse (complex safety and security issues), offensive, misleading, or having deceptive intent:  Video's, Graphics, Ads.

Provide overall support experience to ensure content is inclusive and safe. 

Ensure smooth production of the social media evaluation projects helping to improve the quality of content and enabling the data gathered (where the accuracy data is critical to continue) from these projects to be used effectively to equip the technology (AI real-time moderation tools to protect the online community and from abusive user-generated content and cyberbullying) and provide better and more relevant results to users/ clients.

Help improve the relevancy of advertisement results from a major social media platform.

This isn't an exhaustive list of our services please email Amit Anand for more information at  diversecustomer@gmail.com