What's with Gucci and the Illuminati Symbolism? #GucciFW18 & Gucci Equilibrium

Image: equilibrium.gucci.com

The Illuminati may mean a lot of things to a lot of us. Guardians, or the centuries old secret society of the creative, rich and powerful or a cult of an alien reptilian species ruling over humanity? Ha-ha, conspiracy or not, but theories, nonetheless, are rife with speculation. 

The third Eye or the Eye of Providence and The Scale that have some deep roots in the ancient cultures. These symbols had different connotations but some have retained their symbolic representation even today i.e. The Scale which implies Justice.
Anyhow, Gucci has been showing some elaborate symbolism both on and off the runway. From heavily occultism-induced Fall Winter 2018 runway show where models held replicas of their heads or were seen supporting a third eye as accessories, adding onto the unusual to now the launch of Gucci Equilibrium on the World Environment Day. Gucci Equilibrium is a 10-year plan to embed sustainability strategy into and around the brand governed by a culture of purpose. 

Obviously, the logo as you see above is visibly similar to some masonic and illuminati elements using symbols that have some sacred significance. Alessandro Michele, the creative director of Gucci also believes that old things make him feel very contemporary! The new in which the old is superimposed.

Clearly, there is a lot going on in Gucci than meets the "EYE" :)

- Amit Anand