Diverse Customer Shoutout : National Geographic : Racial Awakening


National Geographic Magazine, the official magazine of the National Geographic Society admitting to past racist coverage ("exotic natives", "noble savages" Our magazine spent decades spouting racist stereotypes. It’s time to confront our past, April 2018 issue) shows tremendous fortitude by the publication. Editor Susan Goldberg's ability to put forward an acknowledgement in the right format and context is very authentic and refreshing. Self-Reflection on concepts of race and privilege, embracing and solemnly promising in bringing to light the human diversity is exemplary, National Geographic.. and for this we salute you.

We take a leaf from Arianna Huffington's recent statement on having the need for a diverse universe of media images, in all possible formats, films, digital and print that better reflects our world today and not allowing, accepting or endorsing prejudices, biases and stereotypes that media has perpetuated in the past.

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