The Communications Pitfall - Lesson by Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi

Image: Twitter

Poorly thought out retorts and in this case, an insulting tweet (despite the discrepancy in research, if at all) not only erodes value and credibility but also points out a leader's displacement of personal responsibility, lack of self-control, emotional intelligence and empathy...

Hoping (since I like Dara Khosrowshahi @Uber as a leader), this is a one off incident and not an emergence of more power plays and ego trips at his end. Most ride sharing drivers are aware that they have to pay for their own car insurance, wear and tear, gas, etc..and it doesn't amount to that much money if they are not driving during peak times. And, most drop out when they realize how much it truly cost them to earn a living as independent contractors, using their own vehicles. No one is incapable of understanding the economic benefits because that's how Uber is able to offer significantly lower prices than many 🚕 taxi services and some competitors. 


With a Single, Insulting Tweet, Uber's CEO Just Destroyed Months of Hard Work