Diverse Customer Shoutout: Audi : Mabrouk

Audi’s new TV Commercial aimed at Saudi women on the recent landmark ruling that women are allowed to drive. 

Great execution! 

We applaud Audi for its ingenuity and progressive advertising especially showing men as supportive and equally invested in the genesis

We simply love empowerment especially when it comes through winning from unprecedented complexities and limitations that continue to exist in the kingdom for women (like not being allowed to leave the home alone etc.) This is a huge change and even though it may seem too little too late, we believe it definitely renders a repressive regime more palatable. 

Being able to drive creates a new form of freedom for women. Both from a movement and thought perspective. We trust these small steps will lead to something bigger and better especially more positive changes in the law in Saudi Arabia to let women enjoy equal rights without the fear of restrictive laws holding them back to achieve their full potential.