Introducing Diverse Customer Snippets and Call for Insights as part of a current Research Study on Remote Working

I reached out to some of my most avid blog readers and followers across my social media channels, particularly, LinkedIn. These supporters have not just been the most engaging but also have been around for a while. I value their feedback as their feedback and insights have guided me on changing the tone of my blog, fine tune my service offerings, finding a niche to even changing the direction of my career as an I&D professional. Anyhow, without digressing further, the feedback I received was pretty comprehensive. 

There is a unanimous consensus with most readers on a particular aspect of my blog, they all seem to agree with is to have shorter posts. And, so I am introducing this new feature in my blog: Diverse Customer Snippets. Other feedback includes starting a vlog or a podcast. There are some interesting statistics around this that videos without captions don't have a lot of stick-ability with the viewers. Vlogs take time to watch especially when they are centered on serious content. Podcasts would be a great alternative as many professionals like to listen to one on their way to work etc. Perhaps I could pay heed to this feedback. But, for now:

 "Short is sweet" and I would like to stick to the expression. 

Secondly, there seems to be a need for many Inclusion & Diversity professionals, especially those who have just begun their careers in this area to learn from the experience and collective expertise of other more experienced diversity professionals including me, having more than 2 decades of accrued expertise in I&D which has allowed me to work with many dimensions and intersectionalities of demographics across 4 continents. 

A lot of material is already available to download from the web. So I would like to focus on specific questions that my D&I network have. This way I can ensure that the content I share is unique and bespoke.

Hence, this platform and the extended social media landscape in which Diverse Customer operates is a great resource for them to put their questions forward to those experts. As well through my LinkedIn Group, I am also able to access the entire I&D consortium of subject matter experts. The group has more than 2400 I&D professionals (this figure could up considerably in the coming months) and I am just beginning to mobilize them for meaningful I&D exchange. The intention is to create a common thread for meaningful exchange and to gain the ability to optimize each other’s I&D expertise in collaborating with global organizations to solve their I&D matters and achieve inclusive outcomes through responsive people strategies. To be able to create inclusive workplaces that employees aspire to work in and make socially aware and impactful brands that diverse customers want to endorse. 

Until soon! 

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