Diverse Customer :: Question? World Autism Awareness Month vs.Tabloid Fodder vs. Darwinism


Here we are celebrating Autism Awareness and then we come across this piece of tabloid fodder :

People with Down syndrome could be left to die of coronavirus to ‘save’ medical supplies


People With Intellectual Disabilities May Be Denied Lifesaving Care Under These Plans as Coronavirus Spreads

Although this "Survival of the fittest first" sentiment has been going around in the news given the gravity of the situation globally that doctors might have to choose patients based on their survivabilityWe are hoping these articles are tabloid fodder and well, just that. While people are being asked to stay in their homes to save the lives of the most vulnerable, several countries have received guidance for people with Intellectual Disabilities, people with Downs syndrome or Autism stating that in the case of limited medical equipment, this category of the population should be "sacrificed" at the expense of "healthy in mind and body" people who are more likely to get by!

Can we accept that people's life with Intellectual Disabilities, Downs syndrome or Autism does not have the same value? If that is the case, why do we not all leave containment by allowing "natural selection" to operate on the most vulnerable?