Curated Inclusive Design : Crayola : Colors of the World


Crayola, an American art supplies company has created the Colors of the World crayons, a box that includes 24 new specially formulated colors that were designed to represent over 40 global skin tones. Mixing colors to achieve the tone/blend desired could go a long way in helping a child's development. It is important that diverse children are able to draw and color pictures of themselves as they are, no matter what the color of their skin. This is not about simply the color of the skin... it's about identifying as oneself in one's own eyes, as a child rather than settling for basic colors. How would you feel if you couldn't color a picture of yourself, using the actual color of your skin? We should all be proud of our skin color and that is the message Crayola sends with this launch and rebranding. Indeed, Colors of the World.