Diverse Customer : No Words : Save The Elephants

Kerala 'the state which proudly calls itself 100% literate' should be ashamed to be called one. WHAT is the use of all the literacy when there is the least humanity in your midst?

Some barbarians from this state in India fed a Pregnant Elephant a Pineapple which she happily accepted as a good gesture of humans, this pineapple was stuffed with country-made firecrackers. The fruit exploded in her Mouth causing her gruesome pain which ultimately led to her and her unborn calf's death.

Now the question is where is the system in place to avoid these kinds of incidents and to save wildlife from lowlife humans? Who permitted to use these methods?

When the questions arise of why there has been a systematic process of brushing animal cruelty incidents under the proverbial carpet.. why do these people start crying political foul? Social Media is buzzing with people defending the state. Ok, we agree that the entire state cannot be blamed for the crimes of a few. But please acknowledge taking strict action against these criminals. We are concerned about the situation and there is no communal angle or a deliberate attempt to tarnish the state's reputation in media. These are voices against the defenseless and the voiceless. If you want to give these voices a negative tone, clearly you are not just being defensive but also unreasonable. Stop hurting wildlife. Take action against the culprits. That's all!

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

A report by Maneka Gandhi states that these heinous acts of extremism and animal cruelty are being done by locals in Kerala's Palakkad and Mallapuram districts and no action is being taken by the authorities. Similar gruesome tactics have been used to murder dogs and birds and wild boars. Many Elephants bound to temples are being tortured as well, some 600 have been murdered in the most atrocious ways. Vastly unlooked, unfed, and abused deliberately. Ok so there are contradictions and several iterations to the story but the truth is that a defenseless animal was murdered. Period. The state is responsible for this massacre. Period.

That’s another level of inhumanity.

Our heart 💔 has shattered and broken to smithereens, We can’t even bring ourselves to imagine how much of excruciating pain the poor animal had to suffer. As someone said before we humans are the biggest threat to the world than any virus or pandemic. This barbaric act shows that the human race heavily lacks empathy, which is independent of any degree of education they hold.

Very unfortunate incident. The perpetrators deserve nothing short of the death penalty. This is the rarest form of cruelty towards a herbivore. An animal that does so much for mankind has been meted out such a heinous treatment resulting in its death along with the baby that was inside.

RIP 🐘 We demand Justice for the Defenseless and Voiceless.