Sounds of Discrimination Series - Disability Awareness by PDT Global


Approximately 15% of people worldwide have a disability. And yet there has been very little focus on Diversity and Inclusion agendas to truly understand the disability experience and ensure they are included. Attitudes and behaviors are key barriers that prevent people with disabilities from being and feeling included in the workplace. PDT Global's virtual experience allows learners to experience the attitudes and decisions that they are subject to because of their disability. By putting ourselves in their shoes and understanding the disadvantages that we never have to think about, we can begin to understand how our own behavior may be affecting others, and how to ensure more inclusive workplaces for people with disabilities.

PDT Global has released the first module of their hard-hitting and incredibly powerful "Sounds of Discrimination" eLearning experiences. The first in this series focuses on Disability in the workplace and the discrimination that people living with a disability face.

At the moment, they are offering 2 weeks of access to this module for free - very practical but emotional too. Disability Awareness is the first module in PDT Global's Sounds of Discrimination series. Aimed at individual contributors and front-line managers, this hard-hitting experiential eLearning, doesn't hold back. Built as a SCORM package, and hosted on their client's LMS systems, this hard-hitting digital learning solution runs for less than 10 minutes but has a lasting impact. The package opens with an insightful introductory video, highlighting the challenges people with disabilities face in the world today and shares some rather uncomfortable stats relating to the modern workplace. After the video, the true experience begins, with a shocking read-through of actual statements said to people with disabilities. Each statement is explained in the read-through follow-up, articulating what is wrong with the statement, and why its use is inappropriate. Further learning around inclusive practice is then presented to equip participants with practical and tangible actions to apply within their own workplace before the package concludes with a learner commitment. This is not your standard tickbox eLearning experience, but it is what you use when you really want to spark a change and inspire action.

To request trial access simply contact PDT Global via their website: