Showcase Your Best Stories at MTMA2021! Medical Travel Media Awards 2021


Medical Travel Media Awards – recognising journalism excellence and influencers globally

Both international and local media and influencers have a week left to participate and submit their stories to the Medical Travel Media Awards (MTMA) 2021. MTMA is the first international medical travel media award that honours and lauds the outstanding work and contributions of both media and influencers, advocating and promoting medical travel. Mohd Daud Mohd Arif, Chief Executive Officer of MHTC said, "The MTMA is open for submission until 8 October 2021. You have one week left to polish your best Malaysia Healthcare and medical travel stories and submit them for consideration. To date, we have received over 200 quality entries from local and international participants and are looking for more award-winning stories. We truly recognise that media, freelancers, and influencers have been playing an instrumental role in growing and shaping Malaysia's reputation as a healthcare destination and we hope to leverage MTMA as a platform to celebrate their great achievements."

This year, all participants have the chance to submit for multiple award categories, namely the:

🏆 Best Print Medical Travel Report, 

🏆 Best Online Medical Travel Report, 

🏆Best Broadcast Medical Travel Feature, 

🏆Medical Travel Editorial Team of the Year, 

🏆Medical Travel Journalist of the Year, and the new category – 

🏆 Best Medical Travel Influencer. 

Winners will be able to take home cash prizes up to RM100,000.

Submissions will be assessed by a mixed panel of regional judges against a comprehensive points-based scoring system. The judging criteria will focus on five areas, namely the quality of research, quality of technique or presentation, creativity, content, and digital or social reach and shareability. The judging team will be overseen by Mohd Daud Mohd, Chief Executive Officer of MHTC as the Chief Judge, and led by Manminder Dhillon, Chief Executive Officer of Supernewsroom as the Head Judge.

MTMA accepts articles, videos, and social media postings related to promoting Malaysia Healthcare and the medical travel industry. Additionally, given the impact of the pandemic on the industry, news reports and stories related to COVID-19 are welcomed as well. For material eligibility, entries for MTMA2021 need to be dated between 21 October 2020 and 8 October 2021. All entries must be submitted by 5.00pm on 8 October 2021 (MYT) to MTMA's website.

The MTMA2021 Virtual Awards Presentation Ceremony will take place on 9 December 2021 to announce the winners. Aside from the winner announcement, all participants are encouraged to join the event to partake in the amazing lucky draws.

For more information and submission details on MTMA2021, visit and follow MTMA's Facebook page for the latest updates at

Credits: Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council, Media Outreach