AOI's The Pink Ribbon Collection - A limited edition of “Breast Cancer Push Away Bra"

Unboxing of the Pink Collection Box from AOI

October is observed as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer and breast health. The American Oncology Institute (AOI) has introduced- The Pink Ribbon Collection. With the initiative of The Pink Ribbon Collection, they aim to bring more awareness to women about early detection of breast cancer. Early detection helps in increasing the survival rate of the patient. The campaign is intending to ensure that women know how to perform Breast Self-Examination for better breast health and access to the screenings they need and the support they deserve. 

AOI is also running a contest. To enter the #AOIPinkRibbonCollection contest, comment on AOI's Instagram handle : AOI/Instagram & tell them what’s inside the PINK RIBBON COLLECTION BOX, tag your friends & @americanoncologyinstitute to increase your chance of winning! Please also share your post using #SupportBreastHealth #AOIPinkRibbonCollection on your timeline. Maximum shares and likes will get their exclusive Pink Ribbon Collection Box.

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#AOIPinkRibbonCollection is a limited edition of “Breast Cancer Push Away Bra-a 6-step reminder to support Breast Cancer”. The Pink Ribbon Collection is an awareness initiative that empowers women by educating them about early detection through simple Breast self-examination techniques.

About The Pink Ribbon Collection - Fortunately, Breast Cancer is one of the only cancers that can be detected at an early stage through regular self-examination. Early detection helps in increasing the survival rate of the patient. Regular self-observations are fundamental to detecting any differences in the breast’s appearance or feeling a lump. According to a cross sectional study on Knowledge and Practice of Breast Self-examination among Women in Yavataml, India, about 85.71 percent of women were aware of breast self-examine. However, only 38.19 percent were practicing breast self-examination. Another study conducted among 3,041 women in the age group of 18-60 in Kerala by NGO indicates 66.1 percent women being aware of the self-examination check-up and its importance, but 46.4 percent do not practice it. This indicates that the awareness about breast self-examination is not being transformed into practice. 

AOI supports every woman to make breast self-examination as a part of their routine. The Pink Ribbon Collection resonates with every woman, to spark conversation and raise important awareness about breast cancer. They took the "Bra - a symbol of breast support and intimacy" and made it centerpiece for an integrated communications campaign to engage women to learn and imprint the 6-step of breast self-examination in a creative way. This also helps the internal thoughts around breast cancer to be discussed externally.

Credits: AOI (Instagram): @americanoncologyinstitute / AOI (Facebook): @americanoncology /AOI (LinkedIn) - @AMERICAN ONCOLOGY INSTITUTE - Precision Cancer Care.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post but Diverse Customer is being engaged to help AOI raise awareness for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.