Diverse Customer: Diversity Products & Services, Inclusion Tools & Inclusively Designed Products

Diversity Products

Diverse Customer is entering into a new chapter of offering a complete resource platform with a proven way to introduce inclusive brands to a globally diverse audience: Diversity Products & Services, Inclusivity Tools, and Inclusively Designed Products where Inclusion is the core objective and not just accessibility. We identified that there were huge gaps and high fragmentation in this segment and so we are aiming at becoming the go-to platform for all worldwide Inclusion & Diversity products, tools & services. 

We want inclusively designed products to become more mainstream with outreach to our 42K+ D&I subscribers, readers, audience, customers, network, and Diversity & Inclusive Design consortium. Look out for:

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Diverse Customer was already compiling a list that was available in our top menu under the header and it will be discontinued in August this year :