Diverse Customer : Winners Announced : The Dive-In Giveaway

We recently organized a Giveaway in collaboration with Dive-In, the Diversity teambuilding game that can be played in internal workshops, team-buildings, onboarding of new employees, or I&D training, comes loaded with an online version that can be a great tool for online teambuilding during work from home mode. Know more about Dive-In here: 

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We reached out to Diversity leaders globally to participate and asked them to give their expert insights on Gamification in Diversity Training and why Game-based Learning can be an effective tool in delivering an inclusive and engaging experience to a diverse audience. We received some great responses. Anyhow, there was only one giveaway but considering we received some great answers, we have picked two :) We wholeheartedly thank Dive-In for sponsoring this giveaway and being ever so gracious to allow two winners for this contest along with many others who participated from around the globe!!!!!! Our winners are two very inspirational Diversity leaders:

Kamilla Sultanova is an entrepreneur and keynote-speaker running her own culturally responsive consulting company ConnectUz in Helsinki, Finland. She has spoken in twelve countries all over the world from Finland to South Korea and on many stages including TedX. Know more about Kamilla Sultanova, Keynote speaker / Diversity, and Inclusion expert / Mentor. Kamilla's response to the Giveaway question: "Games are fun and take the heaviness of the topic D&I away from the training. Issues are deep-seated like racism, UB, etc, and need uncovering so games ease up the process. When comes to audience engagement, it increases motivation and curiosity on the topic of how each individual can be part of healthy diverse, and inclusive practices at work."

Candida Marques is the founder and CEO of Global Arrival, LLC, a consultancy that helps senior leaders acclimate quickly to, and lead effectively in, foreign countries. Organizations like: Covance, Factiva/Dow Jones, and Reckitt Benckiser, hire her to consult with their executives on how to work productively while on a global assignment. Know more about Candida Marques, Global Executive Coach, Global Leadership, Cross-Cultural Trainer, Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Leader.  Candida's response to the Giveaway Question:"Today’s workforce is multi-cultural, multi-generational, and culturally integrated into ways that are complicated to understand. Diversity training helps people understand not only themselves better, but also understand others at a deeper level. This type of training is effective because through training people can begin to understand the major reasons behind human behavior that are culturally bound and not visible to the naked eye until a deeper understanding of culture and how it impacts behavior is understood. Game-based learning is effective because it allows participants to engage in learning without judgment. Through games, people can let their guard down and participate in ways they may not have ever imagined, which in turn allows for deep knowledge to be experienced, examined, practiced, and felt in real-time. This type of learning is what adults retain and use in their daily lives most effectively. Training needs to be real and people need to feel it. Game-based training encourages this type of learning."   

Congratulations to both Kamilla and Candida! They both have won the Dive-In game, each!